published 2023-01-17
last updated 2023-04-03

(This is a now page. It describes what I'm up to.)

2023-04 This april I am wearing a flatcap on chilly foggy mornings. Debugging an app interface with the PayPal API.

2023-03 Work work work. Singing different versions of alelouya. Watching Doc Martin, Deep Space Nine, animated movies. Finally getting out some writing, mostly reflective blog stuff I've been sitting on for years. Defragging my brain. Wearing nice oxford shoes on sunny mornings. Cooking stirfrys and spaghettis. Singing w/ the choir. Eating skyr late at night while rewatching Daredevil.

2023-02 writing PHP and jQuery, typing on silent reds, skating, drinking ice cream, playing board games, resting, watching doc martin, playing deep rock galactic, and eating oranges.

2023-01 working in Unreal Engine 5, reading Return Of The King, skating on ponds, listening to oldies, restructuring my website, playing Fire Emblem Engage, and relaxing a bit.

2022-12 writing articles, singing opera, coding piki robu, playing Advance Wars 2, reading Two Towers, and taking things as easily as I will allow myself.

2022-11 working on a new game (piki robu), singing to a theatre house, and cooking steak.

2022-10 unpacking my stuff and shopping like a madman while writing jQuery and PHP.

2022-09 eating cake and buying spatulas for my Big Move TM 🎂🍳