RUNEBOOK Design Document

This is RUNEBOOK's design document. In general, the only elements that were changed from this outline are the Story, sound, and some of the GUI, due to time and budget constraints. The gameplay has stayed consistent.


You are a summoner in a lonely tower laboratory. During your experiments in the Dark Magics, you accidentally opened an ancient portal to another dimension! Now you need to form spells from the runes in your runebook to combat the encroaching enemies! You must act quickly, and with skill, because each rune when chained together casts a different spell! Can you subdue the monster hordes?


Level and Environment Design



Artstyle should be dark colours to match the theme: the player is a summoner of the dark arts! Purples, reds, and blacks. Runes should be abstract but distinct so the player can easily tell them apart, even in their peripherals. Art will overall be simple and pixelated to match sound effects.

The monsters (enemies) should be equally gruesome.

Perhaps different levels could have different backgrounds as well.

Sound and Music

Sound will be relatively simple and 8bit.

User Interface, Game Controls

User interface will be relatively simple or spartan and should fit the art.

The player will use the mouse to select and swap runes in the runebook. First the player clicks on a rune, then they click on an adjacent rune to swap them (if it is a valid move). Other options with the keyboard could be used such as the W,A,S,D keys to control a cursor on the runebook grid.