Tanks! Project Design

This is the original design document for the adventure game as proposed, NOT the current arcade iteration.


After an accident with a military air drop the player's tank is stranded in an unknown territory. If the player can collect the pieces of the transmitter that are scattered around the overworld they can call for rescue. The order of objectives is still the same, but the player can wander around the world as they wish.


Level & Environment Design

The over-world is an urban/war area, where scenery is brick, metal, and perhaps little vegetation or rivers. It is split up into same-size compartments that act as rooms, with unique format for each. There is an order of tasks that allow the player to progress the story but the player can roam the overworld wherever they are able to.

The overworld is square, so it will be made up of 100 compartments (10x10)

Some terrain may be destructible (bricks or something) or traversable (bushes)



Art will be pixelated (some resources from “Battle City” by Namco). Other effects that should be considered are cannon-fire sparks/smoke, tracks left behind the tank, bullet explosions (on surfaces), and screen transitions.

Sound & Music

Sound and music will be very simple and retro.

User Interface and Game Controls

The player can move using W, A, S, D and aim with the mouse. Other keys may be needed to access other upgrades, items, or GUI (Spacebar, E, Q, Tab).

The user interface will include the player’s hp (in a bar or “hearts”), and their currency if there is one. Pressing a key will bring up the extra menu with the player's inventory and perhaps a map of the world. Pressing escape will bring up the pause menu, from which the player can quit to the title screen (after their progress is saved).